The original “GPE Competition Starter” began as ProStart Competition Starter. Because of a very limited racing budget and a desire to try some innovative ideas with mini-starters Greg Porter started on a work bench in his garage to build a better “mouse trap”.  Greg hoped that if he could build a better starter that the profits would help supplement his racing budget. After several attempts, the first ProStart starter was installed on Greg’s personal race car about 1981. Several friends purchased starters from Greg & then through word-of-mouth, other racers began ordering starters and soon, Greg had more orders than he could handle by himself.

  ProStart moved to its current location in 1989, where Greg and his dad built starters on a part-time basis. As the business grew, Greg hired 2 more employees and continued to develop a renowned reputation for quality among the drag racing community, both locally and internationally.  ProStart also contracted with several other racing product companies to build starters under their brand names.  ProStart was among the first to introduce the 2.4 h.p. mini-starter. This starter was a big hit and remains as one of our top selling units today.

    In 1993, a large West Coast national automotive parts chain store began using the name “ProStart” in connection with their “in-store” line of batteries and starters. Rather than spend a lot of his time, money and effort trying to retain the rights to the “ProStart” name and to disassociate his products from that of the automotive chain store products, Greg changed the name to “GPE Competition Starters”, although the name was changed, the product and service continued to be first class.

Meet the Team

Greg and Sherrel Porter are dedicated to building the best competition starters on the track. With a proven track record of performance and service after the sale

Greg Porter

Founder & CEO

Greg Porter continues to lead the team at GPE Competition Starters

Greg started drag racing in 1967. But his love for cars and speed started when he was a small child based on many of the stories told by his family. Very seldom did his tricycle see three wheels. Greg seemed to like it better on two especially when going around corners. He probably developed his love for speed during the trike rides down long steep hills wide open feet in the air just hanging on. Thus the drag racer was born.

Sherrel Porter

Vice President

Sherrel is VP of operations, and her tireless effort has brought GPE starters through challenges with each custom project we endeavor to accomplish



Dyna is our Track Mascot, she is good as Gold!

Wandering the Great Race Track in the sky; and looking for another hand, to pet her.

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